Our Drinks

Delight in Clark & Sons' sparkling beverages, where each sip embodies adventure and extraordinary flavors.

Basil & Mint Lemonade

basil & mint lemonade

Lemonade with a basil and mint twist.
Indian Tonic Lemonade

Indian Tonic

Sophisticated and slightly bitter.


Tangy and slightly sweet.
Pink Tonic

Pink Tonic

Refreshing citrus & a hint of sweetness.
Dry Lemon

dry lemon

Zesty and refreshing.
Ginger Ale

ginger ale

Spicy and invigorating.


Tangy and citrusy perfection.
Soda Water

soda water

Classic and bubbly refreshment.

Our Story

Crafted by Passionate Aviators.

At Clark & Sons, our range of classic sparkling beverages is more than just beverages; it’s a tribute to the values of family ties, the freedom of flight, and the resilience to defy odds.

The journey began with two generations of passionate aviators who instilled in us the spirit of adventure and a daring attitude to embrace life on our own terms.

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Unleash the invigorating tang of Clark & Sons’ Cranberry Sparkling Beverage, tailored for daring souls craving bold flavors. Elevate your gatherings with this authentic delight, designed to inspire unforgettable joy and togetherness. Embark on a journey of cranberry bliss, pushing taste boundaries in pursuit of extraordinary experiences.

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